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We found out early on that education on mobile marketing and social media would be a big part of what we do. In an effort to improve & expand, we developed vital tools for our clients to ensure success with our products. We've also developed other apps, websites, and social media venues to help our clients advertise.


All right! So you’ve developed an amazing app and it’s time to spread the word, hit the top of the charts, and get rich. First things first: you’ll need a Super Bowl commercial. Studies show there’s simply no better way to reach millions in a short amount of time …

What’s that? $5 million dollars for 30 seconds of airtime is too much?


Okay, never mind. Unless you manage to get adopted by Bill Gates, you probably won’t be able to afford to go the Super Bowl ad route. Let’s go to Plan B. Plan B includes the following proven strategies and guidelines Mobile App Pros will lay out for you and your mobile app.


We will start off by having a one on one marketing meeting to discuss the "5 Must Do Marketing Strategies". We have found these strategies to be vital in having success with your mobile app.


We will also brainstorm with you, looking over 2 additional pages of quick hit marketing tips and strategies we have put together to come up with specific ideas of how to market the app based on your company and clientele. After that we learn about the Client Website Panel...



One thing very unique to being a client of Mobile App Pros is that we provide you with a way to make changes to your app instantly, whenever it is convenient for you. Through our Client Website Panel you have the ability to change content, colors and even functionality of the app!


This allows you to add or change events, coupons, specials, videos and anything else throughout the weeks without waiting on someone else to make changes for you. It is a very easy system to use and we will go through it during your one on one marketing meeting.


Inside the Client Website Panel you will also be able to send out push notifications to all of your users instantly, or schedule them for a later date. You can now set and use a geo-fence for your notifications so only certain users see them as well as simultaneously post those notifications to your Facebook and Twitter pages. 


Wait until you see the analytics...



If you’re willing to spend time and money getting your app up and running, why not commit to the little bit of maintenance that can take it from standard to stupendous? With a little bit of TLC post-launch, you can tweak your app and make it super-useful and enjoyable for your customers. That way, your investment is maximized.


Mobile app analytics can tell you a wealth of basic information about your app, such as how it is used, who uses it, and more. Armed with the info you get from analytics, you can figure out which features are popular, which are not, which platform is sending you the most users, and similar things.


Put the analytics information to use, making the most popular tabs more visible, fixing or removing unpopular tabs, and catering to your biggest fanbases (or stepping up efforts to chase members of your smallest fanbase).

Once you’ve seen the information provided by the analytics tab, you can start asking questions and improving your app.


We love our customers and we want you to be as successful as possible!


When your mobile app is live in both app stores and after we have met with you to discuss marketing strategies we will help get the word out about your mobile app through our social media and partner sites.


Throughout the year we will occasionally remind people through social media about some of our clients. If you have an event or big marketing push coming up, just contact us and we would be more than happy to blast your information out to our networks!


We're here to help!


You can look forward to free advertising just for being our much is that worth?

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