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Frequently Asked Questions

How long until my mobile app is published?


This can vary with every app however, we have come to a pretty good estimation of 6-8 weeks as follows; 2-3 weeks for design & development of rough draft, 1-2 weeks for changes, a final 2-3 weeks for publishing & approval in the app stores.

Why would someone download our app?


There are a TON of reason why someone would download your app! Here are a few of the most common reasons we have found with our clients apps.  1) Customer convenience with one click options & your business information.  2) Mobile coupons! Of course  3) They were searching on Google and found your app. Yes, having a mobile app will increase your apprearance in Google searches - be sure to ask us how!  4) You promoted useful tips, tools or features inside.  5) A friend shared it on social media promoting a deal or event.

Are there any hidden costs?


No. We don't like them so we don't play that game. We always clearly state in our agreements everything included so there are no surprises. Anything additional would require our client to agree to and sign a separate agreement. This is why we have "packages" so we can just include everything our client needs to be successful with that product or service.

I was going to update my website, do I need to do that first?

That is not necessary to do first however, if you need assistance in doing that we can help with that. This will actually make the process of building the mobile app faster because we are doing work with your graphics and content anyway. 

If this is a need of yours, be sure to ask us how we can save you some money on a package deal.

Do I need a mobile app?

The answer is, “It Depends”. Many businesses do and some experts predict in the next five years Mobile Apps will be as common place as websites are today. If you are a small business that has a retail store or you are a service related business and you could use more customers then the answer is a plain and simple "yes". Most of your customers have smartphones and use mobile apps.

How would I make changes to the app?

Mobile App Pros provides a client website for you to quickly and easily make changes to your mobile app.

If you prefer you can just send us an email with information you would like changed and we'll do it for you! Another great thing about the client website we provide is it allows you to check the analytic section to see how many downloads you have as well and what sections of your mobile app are being visited the most! You also have the ability to instantly send out messages to all of your users through this website!

Will it be a free app in the app stores?


Yes! The app will be a free download for all users in both the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store

If you don't find your answer here please send us a message or call and we'll be glad to help!

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